Project Management

Our client runs an industrial facility with a strategic product that must reach the market daily.

Production facility included the use of fresh water supplied from 50 thousand qubic meter storage tank. The client had only one water storage tank at their production facility that was leaking with risk of flooding should the tank collapses. The client approached multiple parties internationally but the cost and repair time were prohibitive.

The solution must allow for continuous operation no matter what would be the method.

Our team arranged to bypass the water tank direct from the water source with lower capacity. At the same time, the tank storage was depleted over couple of days and the repair team initiated the maintenance plan immediately. A contingency for the bypass was created to guarantee one day operation to allow for restoration of bypass operation.

The plan proved successful. Tank was restored, operation was never disrupted and a bypass for future emergencies was created

Case Study 1:
Racing with time
Project Management
Amman - Jordan

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