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Business Scan
Service One

To help SMEs, first, we need to understand the business and then plan action.

Umbrella is about helping SMEs first and foremost. That’s why we designed a free of charge Business Scan for qualified clients. It is detailed as follows:

Business Scan: An initial survey questionnaire meant to scan the business operations is conducted with the decision makers. It is meant to feel the pulse of the business and identify their aspirations going forward. This is conducted free of charge with no obligations to either party.

Diagnostics: Based on the Business Scan results, major flaws, gaps, obstacles, discrepancies and other factors that hinder the business success are detailed in a report and submitted to the decision makers.

Umbrella discusses the Diagnostics Report findings with the client. If he/she is serious about making changes to business, Umbrella initiates the integration phase.

Service Two

SME’s departments are: Finance & Accounting, Marketing, Sales, Production (Operation), Procurement, Supply Chain & Logistics, Human Resources, Information Technology, Back Office Support and Automation.

A careful plan is put forward, where Umbrella assumes the departmental function in the business gradually based on the importance and urgency of each department.

Integration of the departmental role is performed according to a set criteria with clear deliverables and action mechanism that is explained in detail to the client. For each departmental Integration, a periodic report is issued stating remedies in the role if needed and performed, and a set of recommendations to better the business. Naturally, Integration of more departmental roles provides more wholistic view reports for the business.

SMEs can expect the cost of Umbrella’s services to be moderate and in line with their existing costs or the market costs due to its better utilization of resources and clients spread. Thus, clients can have professional staff with C-suite level advice at fraction of normal costs.

Service Three

Based on the client’s request, Umbrella can further its engagement with the business by assuming an executive role for a defined period of time. Such role is guided with a detailed business plan with clear milestones, objectives and budget. A chief executive in Umbrella would dedicate a defined number of man-hours operating from the business’s premises to better execute and engage the role. This service is usually performed after engaging the client for a sufficient period to understand it and with an adequate number of departmental roles integration.

Umbrella may decide to restrict this engagement to an advisory role due to a number of factors related the assignment progress, however the option to switch such engagement to an executive capacity remains a possibility in time.

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Our Scope of Services

We build your accounting infrastructure. Then, we carry out its functions in full. Then, we analyze your financial status. Then, we help in cost & resources optimization, financial decisions modeling and cashflow management


We build your marketing infrastructure helping you choose the right tools first. Then, we carry out its functions in full. Then, we produce periodical reports to show progress. Our work will be measured with clear performance targets updated regularly

Human Resources

We build your HR infrastructure. In addition to the employees records database, we create your company’s HR policies, appraisal process, job description, training programs, etc… Then, we carry out its functions in full dealing with all stakeholders

Information Technology

We build your IT infrastructure to facilitate communications and dealings inside and outside your organization, Also, your IT network will help produce the right reports to help you manage


We research, find and create solutions to automate functions in business


Our team carries out each function listed above solely, yet we can offload the weight off your shoulders by taking over the whole operations of the business

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