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Setting up a small business is almost everybody’s dream. We strive for it to achieve financial independence, personal freedom and self-realization. Yet, business is business. Whether you’re running a multi-million-dollar group or a small coffee shop, you cannot cut corners with operational obligations. It is mostly passion that drives us out of our comfort zone to take the risk and establish our dream business, however we need certain business process management skills to navigate and prioritize keeping this business alive. Newer entrepreneurs won’t have the skills or resources to set up the business. They also won’t have the time if they don’t work on the business full time.

That’s why we’re here; with our Business Process Management skills, we keep the flames of your passion burning

Every business has core and support functions. A restaurant core function would be making food. A dentist’s would be treating patient’s oral hygiene. A retailer’s would be selling a product. These businesses would excel by providing the best product and/or service and/or after sales service. Support functions include everything else. For example, it includes accounting and bookkeeping, marketing, HR management, supply chain management, automation, and back-office support. Umbrella Management Services provides all the supporting functions so an entrepreneur can focus on performing his/her core function.

Umbrella Management Services performs the supporting functions by integrating with the business to reach the best level of understanding possible of the ins and outs and accordingly provide the best possible advice.

The mission of Umbrella Management Services is unique and cannot be taken lightly. Our team page explains in detail the qualification of our management and why they are fit for this role. It details their years of experience, skills, industries targeted so an entrepreneur can be assured that he/she gets the best advice Finally, please don’t forget to visit our blog and social media regularly to get the latest updates.

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